My Expertise

Property consultancy

Tailor-made property consultancy with customer service at its core.

Financing solutions/ROI

Highly knowledgeable in all aspects of the property market..

Structuring the deal

10 years of Industry experience to deliver scalable solutions for property needs.

My Profile

  • Conducts research on various strategic initiatives, create and present business plans and overall strategy for all initiatives.
  • Builds financial cases around projects, determines ROI and establishes other metrics to evaluate a project.
  • Successfully develops and implements strategic business initiatives related to property/real estate activities and the associated growth in revenue.
  • Develops and manages sales and marketing budgets, and oversee the development and management of internal operating budgets.
  • Plans and coordinates public affairs, and communications efforts, to include public relations and community outreach.
  • Negotiates and draft legally viable and compliant leases, management agreements, subleases and other occupancy agreements.
  • Confers with stakeholders, including construction and design, building operations, and finance to ensure each department’s needs are met to secure the best possible member experience.
  • Manages outside counsel and leverage them for drafting and in-person or teleconference negotiations as needed.
  • Contributes to real estate investment committee presentations (and other meetings) and have up-to-date knowledge of major projects, deals and goals.
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Why Choose Praveen Aradhya?


Delve on trust and integrity. I believe that trust in earned when actions meet words. I build trust not through words but by action!


I work and propel forward with a vision to deliver tangible results that derive the best ROI. I place your interests ahead of everything that I do to derive the best results..


Acquiring a property is an emotional bonding! I ensure that the most minute interaction I have with my clients creates a remarkable expression and leaves a lasting impression.

The Best Choice

I always deliver more than expected! I deliver placing you in my place! Every buy is as emotional for me as it is for you! Naturally, I reign as the most wanted partners in your pursuit!

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